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Shocker: People who need lawyers still consume the news

Less than 48 hours.

That’s how long it took one of our law firm clients to receive a call from a prospective client after multiple media outlets reported on a case our client had just filed.

Consider this a courtesy reminder that prospective clients still find lawyers of all practice types — on the plaintiffs’ side or defense side — through the media outlets these prospective clients consume. Local TV. Local print. National online. National trade. It doesn’t matter. If a lawyer appears in a media outlet handling a case or describing an area of law that matches a prospective client’s need, prospective clients will likely be compelled to contact that lawyer.

That was the case with our law firm client. The firm sued a Southern New Jersey funeral home for the mishandling of a corpse. Because we proactively and strategically contacted local media outlets right as the lawsuit was filed, three local daily newspapers and two local TV stations covered the lawsuit. (The largest daily newspaper in the area interviewed the client and her attorney, while the two TV stations interviewed the client).

Within 48 hours, the firm received a call from a man who had a similar problem with a funeral home in Central New Jersey. That prospective client was calling from 1,000+ miles away. In Florida.

It won’t happen every time, but I’m willing to bet that the odds are in your favor that prospective clients will find you through your appearances in news articles.

Here is a concluding thought. You know the value of media coverage to your firm and its cases — again, no matter your practice or which side of a case you are on. Sure, reporters may find you or a case you are involved in on their own through PACER or as a result of their presence at a courthouse. But that’s like saying judges and juries may rule in your favor through their own independent thinking. You would not leave judges or juries on their own to come to a decision that is favorable to you and your client. You would do all that you could to persuade them.

Same thing goes for the media. The lawyers and law firms with the most successful media outreach programs are those that are strategic and proactive with their outreach. You will increase the likelihood of media coverage for your firm and its matters — and the likelihood of new clients finding you through this media coverage — if you execute a strategic and proactive media outreach program.

Wayne Pollock is the founder and managing attorney of Copo Strategies in Philadelphia, a national legal services and communications firm. Attorneys and their law firms engage Copo Strategies when they want to ethically, strategically, and proactively tell their stories—and their clients’ stories—to key audiences such as the media, referral sources, and prospective clients.

Copo Strategies is a Preferred Partner of Euttopia.

Contact Wayne at 215–454–2180, waynepollock@copostrategies.com, or @waynepollock_cs on Twitter.


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